Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I have contacted one of my friends Lee Warren to help me create music for my pitch and hopefully the final film. Lee has just graduated in Music Technology at Derby University.

Here is my message to him:


For the music I would like a couple of tracks if you can do it in time but if not one will be fine for the presentation. I would like one to be kind of alien/ maybe mechanical sounding and quite repetative for when she is going about her normal life in the window. The second track needs to be more anxious and maybe more human? if possible to go along with the escape, climaxing in the relief when she has escaped maybe? It could be all frantic and then suddenly calm.'

I think this would suit the film best and I look forward to hearing the results, hopefully within the next week or so, in plenty of time for my pitch so that I can incorporate it into it.


This mannequin is the basis for my project. I absolutely love the style of the mannequin and the shape of the face as it has features that I can use to animate but they are not overly human. It's clear she is a mannequin.
Secondly, the pose is much stronger than those you normally see in a shop window display. It's like she is reaching up for something more, and in my story it could be when she is trying to get out and the sun has come up.
I would like the shape of the mannequin model to be similar to this as I feel she would be easy to dress but also has a strong sense of style and individuality when even in this naked form.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Regent Street and Carnaby Street Window Displays


A mannequin lives in a shop window in a desolate street. Every night she comes to life and plays with the display in the window. For example, if she is dressed as a rock star she strums on a guitar, if she is dressed fashionably (for example in a black dress) she will pout at a mirror. I also thought she could have a toy dog at one point and be upset after the window change and the dog isn't there.

She has no knowledge of the outside world. Until...

One night, a young early twenties couple have been on a night out and stagger past the shop when the mannequin is awake. They both frighten each other, but place their hands on either side of the glass as if they would touch.

When the mannequin goes back to sleep and awakes the next night, she wants to explore the outside world and the story changes to her trying to escape the window she is held in.
I am unsure of the ending yet, whether or not she succeeds, because she will just turn back to sleep for the daylight hours and this may make it a sad ending. Otherwise, she could be joined by another mannequin, possibly male so that she herself becomes part of the couple she sees through the window.

Work So Far

This is the blog for Man(nequin) in the Mirror, the final idea for my third year film at Ravensbourne.

The changes of idea and the work I have done so far on the project can be found at