Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Akon Beautiful

I just saw this music video and thought it was perfect for my window displays, I like the light on the black background think it could be really effective behind the mannequin and create some really interesting lighting on the model

Animatic Number One

Animatic Stills

The biggest change from my original idea is that I am going to use a pigeon instead of a drunk man on the street. I think they are just as 'scabby' in that they are unkept and truely show the difference between the glamorous art deco world in the window compared to the dirty rough streets. It also gives the group or myself an opportunity to rig and animate a character that is animal and not a biped, which should be fun to do. I realise that pigeons look nothing like the bird character rig shown here, but this is the best I could find for free on the internet. He does still do his job well however.

Photoshop Design Improvements

Reference Movie

When I have been to the Bafta ceremonies both companies had put together a short film to gauge the feel of their idea using existing movie clips. Here is my version:

Mannequin Reference Oct 2010 from Hayley Allen on Vimeo.

Mannequin Development: Clothing Designs