Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Conflict between the window and outside world.
Window: Art Deco, patterns and geometric shapes.
Outside: gritty, dirty, more realistic

I want to show the window as more of a surreal world, it is not true to human life and is somewhat of a fantasy with the shape of the mannequin and the expensive clothes on show. As she realises she is trapped, I would like it to become apparent by the environment and clothing, using more stripes as bars and possibly chains. Art deco uses lots of patterns and also geometric shapes that would be perfect for this, and inspiration can also be found from the furniture it used.

I do feel that the mannequin should have a modern twist however so her costume designs have been influenced by the fashion of today (for example fur and leopard print are fashionable at the moment) as well as by modern fashion icons like Lady Gaga.

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