Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Narrative Structure


It is a story about a mannequin who lives in a shop window (possibly in Paris) who wants freedom.

Mannequin lives in a shop window on a quiet back alley. She has no knowledge of the outside world and only comes alive at night so does not see anyone. Until one evening, a passer by makes her aware of the outside world. From then on she wants only one thing: to escape her confinements and to see what is beyond the glass.

At the beginning the mannequin is blissfully unaware of any world outside her window, as it constantly changes she has no need to search for anything more. It is only the realisation that there is something more out there that drives her to escape the window. Unfortunately as she only comes alive at night, this freedom may be shortlived.

Obstacles for the character:
No knowledge of the outside world
How does a mannequin made for display destroy a shop window?

Plot Structure:
The Setup:
The character of the mannequin is introduced in the daytime by being dressed by the window dresser. As the sun goes down she begins to move and come alive. She plays with what is in the window. Cue Time Machine changes of clothes to show this is her life and it is the same everyday.
The Catalyst:
A passer by wanders down the street. They are scared by the mannequin and vice versa. After overcoming the shock they put their hands to the window as if to touch.

The Turning Point:
After this the motivation for the mannequin changes and she now uses the items in the window to try and escape the window.

The Climax:
The mannequin finally uses a chair and throws it through the window, shattering it into many pieces. As the alarm bells of the shop ring, she runs away and climbs to the roof of a nearby building…

The Resolution:
She has finally escaped and sees the world around her for the very first time.

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